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News Articles :: Robert Plant :: October 7, 1988

The Daily Oklahoman
October 14, 1988

Local Concert Scene Finally Gets a Break - a Bad One

by Chuck Davis

THERE were over 8,000 people in the room with him, but Jim Dunn was one of the loneliest guys in Norman last Friday night.

When he walked up on the stage at Lloyd Noble Center to announce that the Robert Plant concert would not go on, I felt sorry for the guy.

Finally, we get a big-time concert here. Finally, we get a big crowd. And, finally, ... no, wait a minute!

Just moments before Plant was scheduled to perform, drummer Chris Blackwell suffered a fractured wrist."

"Unable to perform" without Blackwell, the Plant show was canceled.

"It's an unfortunate situation," Dunn said, earlier this week. "But that's why they call it show business.

"I was joking with Butch and Ben (the notorious McCain Brothers). I told them at least we wouldn't have to worry about being rained out in Lloyd Noble.

"And then this (the injury) happens."

Plant has promised to return for a concert Nov. 18. Those who still have their ticket stubs from last week's show will be admitted. Those unable to attend the Nov. 18 concert can receive a full refund until Nov. 7. For information: 325-4666.

"We sold something like 8,150 tickets," said Dunn. "We had over 1,400 walkup sales the day of the show. That's encouraging, especially since the walkup market has been so depressed in this area the last year or so."

Dunn, as Lloyd Noble Center director, handled a tough situation about the best anyone can.

But, I've got a few unanswered questions... mainly for Robert Plant.

We came to see Robert Plant - and all we got was Joan Jett. Granted, Jett put on a good show. But couldn't Plant have gone on without Blackwell?

Wasn't there one drummer in Norman Friday night who could have filled in, just for one show? How about Jett's drummer. He wasn't busy.

Hey, we're the ones who made Plant what he is. We buy his records. We buy the tickets to his show. We deserve something!

Plant could have come out himself and announced the show "must not go on." That's the very least he could have done.

Let him explain the squirrely situation about Blackwell's injury.

Plus, do you really think Plant will be back? We'll have to wait and see...

I hope so, but with our luck on concerts recently...

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