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Instruments On Tour :: John Paul Jones
Stringed Instruments
  • Alembic 4-String
  • This bass guitar was used on-stage from April 1977 through 1988
  • Alembic 8-String
  • This bass guitar was used on-stage from April 1977 through 1988 for Achilles Last Stand and Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • Arco Upright Bass
  • Used on-stage in the 1977 acoustic set
  • 1967 Fender Bass V
  • This 5-string model was used on the 1973 tours
  • 1970 Fender Fretless Precision Bass
  • Used on the 1972 tours for Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and also on the 1975-77 tours for In My Time Of Dying
  • Used on-stage at the O2 Reunion Concert in 2007.
  • 1961 Fender Jazz Bass
  • Jones' primary bass from 1968-1977
  • 1952 Fender Telecaster Bass
  • Used on stage from 1971-1975 for Black Dog
  • Various Fenders and copies
  • 1968 Hagstrom H8 8-String
  • Used onstage in early 1973
  • 12-String Manson
  • Quilted maple top. Blue finish. Ebony fingerboard, blue LED dot markers triggered by sound. Chrome hardware. Stereo wiring. Tuned B-C.
  • Built by Hugh Manson
  • 10-String Manson
  • Quilted maple front. Satin amber finish. Ebony fingerboard, yellow fingerboard LED dot markers. Gold hardware. Stereo wiring. Tuned E-C.
  • Built by Hugh Manson
  • 8-String Manson
  • Stereo wiring. Tuned E-G. Sometimes B-D.
  • Built by Hugh Manson
  • 4-String E 35 Manson
  • Quilted maple top. Ebony fingerboard. Sunburst finish. Gold hardware. JPJ's Symbol on Trussrod cover.
  • Built by Hugh Manson
  • Used extensively at the O2 Reunion concert
  • Framus Strato-Melodie Mandolin
  • Played on '71 Fall US Tour and Japan '71 tour, seen in Japan pics and Rochester '71, may be the one seen in the 1971-08-22 film
  • Fender Mandolin
  • Used for Going To California in the 1972 tours (as heard on HTWWW)
  • Serial # 3611H35
  • Harmony Florentine Mandolin
  • Used on-stage in the 1975 acoustic set
  • 8-String Manson Mandolin
  • Built by Andy Manson
  • 8-String Manson Bass Mandolin
  • Carved flamed maple top. Matte amber finish. Rosewood fingerboard. Stereo wiring. Gold hardware. Tuned G-E.
  • Built by Hugh Manson
  • Tripleneck Manson Electric Mandolin
  • Built by Andy Manson
  • Martin Mandolin
  • played in 1970 and early 1971, seen in Forum 1970-09-04 and Tulsa 8-21-70 pics, seen in 1971-03-19 Manchester backstage pics, probably played during 1971-04-01 BBC
  • Unknown Mandolin
  • Seen in 1971(?) and on the Australia 1972 Tour
  • Manson Tripleneck Acoustic
  • Used on-stage from 1977 to the present
  • Ovation 12-String Acoustic
  • Used on-stage on the 1977 US Tour before the Tripleneck Manson Acoustic was built
  • Keyboards
  • Fairlight CMI Series I
  • Used on-stage in 1980 for the intro of In The Evening
  • Farfisa Professional
  • Seen on-stage in early 1973
  • Farfisa Professional Duo
  • Seen on-stage for Since I've Been Loving You in 1970-71
  • Farfisa VIP-255
  • Used on-stage occasionally in 1972
  • Fender Rhodes Mark I Piano
  • Used on-stage from 1973-77
  • Fender Rhodes Suitcase Piano
  • Used on-stage from 1971-73
  • Hammond C3
  • Used on stage from 1970-75 on Thank You, Since I've Been Loving You and the occasional solo in Whole Lotta Love
  • Leslie cabinet was placed offstage, frequently in a dressing room and mic'ed there
  • Hammond XB-2
  • Used on-stage on the 1999-2000 Zooma and 2001's The Thunderthief tour
  • Hohner D6 Clavinet
  • Used in the studio on Custard Pie and In The Light and both in the studio and live on Trampled Underfoot
  • Placed on top of the Mellotron in 1975 and used with screw-in legs at Knebworth
  • Korg Oasys 88
  • Used on-stage at the O2 Reunion Concert in 2007
  • Korg X5 Synth
  • Used on-stage on the 1999-2000 Zooma and 2001's The Thunderthief tour
  • Korg X50
  • Used on-stage at the O2 Reunion Concert in 2007
  • Mellotron M400
  • Used on stage from 1972-75 on Stairway To Heaven, The Rain Song and Kashmir
  • Mellotron Mark V
  • Used on-stage in 1977
  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Used in the studio and on stage from 1975-77
  • A Helpinstill Model 175 6-channel pickup system was used to amplify the strings
  • Unknown Keyboard
  • Used on stage in 1973
  • Yamaha CP70B Grand Piano
  • Used on the 1979-80 tours
  • It could be broken down into two parts, one for the mechanical keys and hammers and one for the strings and harp frame
  • Yamaha GX1 Synth
  • It was used on-stage from 1979-80
  • Sold to Keith Emerson in 1981 and later sold to an Italian named Riccardo Grotto
  • Yamaha KX88
  • Used on-stage on the 1999-2000 Zooma and 2001's The Thunderthief tour
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