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Instruments On Tour :: John Bonham
This drumkit was used on-stage from September 7, 1968 through December 20, 1968
Ludwig Black Diamond Pearl
This drumkit was used on-stage from December 26, 1968 through February 15, 1969
May possibly have once been owned by The Yardbirds drummer, Jim McCarthy
Ludwig Natural Maple
This drumkit was used on-stage from March 1, 1969 through April 18, 1970
Now owned by private collector Paul Thompson
Ludwig Sparkle Green
This drumkit was used on-stage from June 22, 1970 through April 2, 1973
John was sent three kits in this configuration from Ludwig. The first is owned by Pat Bonham, the second by drum tech Jeff Ocletree and the third by a private collector. Pat has her kit at home with a picture of John over it.
Ludwig Amber Listalite
This drumkit was delivered from Ludwig in March 1973 and used on-stage from May 5, 1973 through May 25, 1975
It was sent from Ludwig containing various tom sizes plus another bass drum. John was one of the first to play this new line from Ludwig and was the only amber tinted kit of the first run. This kit was auctioned off at Sotheby's to Bill Townsend for over 100,000, with the proceeds going to charity.
Ludwig Stainless Steel
This drumkit was used on-stage from April 1, 1977 through last Led Zeppelin show on July 7, 1980
Now owned by a private collector
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