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Now Known As
Date Opened 1954
Venue Capacity 2,563
Venue URL
Venue Address 21501 Emery Rd
Cleveland, OH 44128

Venue Information

MUSICARNIVAL opened Friday, June 25, 1954 as one of the first tent theaters in the U.S. It produced and staged musicals, operas and operettas on its circular stage until it closed in August of 1975 due to competition from the FRONT ROW THEATER and Blossom Music Center. Cleveland architect Robert A. Little designed the circular blue tent, which crowned a saucerlike arena surrounding the 30 ft. diameter round stage, at an initial cost of $12,000. The fire-proof canvas roof comprised nine pie-shaped sections suspended from a steel superstructure of 36 radial cables attached to a central steel bale ring atop a steel tripod.

The 1954 seating capacity of 1,500 was expanded to 2,563 in 1958. There were 18 concentric rows of seats, the last of which was less than 50 feet from the stage, affording an intimacy few theaters offered.

A historic Musicarnival show was Led Zeppelins, on July 20, 1969 --- the night Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. While millions were home watching our Eagle ship landing, a full house at Musicarnival was on a trip of their own, transported by the hot Brit groups hard-rocking monumental, 10-minute-long "Dazed and Confused."

In interviews years later singer Robert Plant would ask me: "Wasnt that the night of the moon shot?"

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