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Date Opened Sept. 2, 1940
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Roosevelt Raceway opened on the evening of September 2, 1940 bringing harness racing to Long Island. It was built in a location very close (about 1/2 mile) to where Charles Lindberg took off on his historic flight to Europe. In 1956-57 the grandstand was completely rebuilt to become the ultra modern plant that everyone remembers. The raceway was open for almost 48 years until its final racing program on July 15, 1988.

Little remains of Roosevelt Raceway, other than the name, which still graces a shopping center and movie theater located on the former parking lot.The site of the grandstand and track which lay vacant for years is now the home to a luxury condominium complex, Meadow Brook Commons, which began operation in 2006. The area to the east, now a Home Depot, was the location of the stables. The last plot of Raceway property was converted into the Archstone Apartment complex.

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