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Concert Venues :: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum


Now Known As McAfee Coliseum
Date Opened Sept. 18, 1966
Venue Capacity 34,077
Venue URL
Venue Address 7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, California 94621

Venue Information

In 1966, the city of Oakland constructed Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (or Oakland-Alameda Coliseum or Oakland Coliseum for short) for two reasons: as a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders football team and also in an effort to lure MLB baseball to Oakland. The Raiders played their first game there on September 18, 1966. In 1968, the Kansas City Athletics became the Oakland Athletics and began play at the new stadium. The Athletics' first game was played on April 17, 1968. The stadium complex cost $25.5 million to build and rests on 120 acres of land. The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex at one time consisted of the outdoor stadium and the indoor arena. The outdoor stadium was commonly called "the Coliseum", while the arena was called "The Coliseum arena." More recently, only the stadium is called the Coliseum. The arena is now called Oracle Arena, and is home to the Golden State Warriors basketball team of the NBA. The outdoor stadium features a unique underground design where the playing surface is actually below ground level. Consequently fans entering the stadium find themselves walking on to the main concourse of the stadium at the top of the first level of seats. This, combined with the hill that was built around the stadium to create the upper concourse, means that only the third deck is visible from outside the park. This gives the Coliseum the illusion of being a short stadium from the outside.

In its baseball configuration, the Coliseum has far and away the largest foul territory of any major league ballpark. This is especially the case along the foul lines. Thus, many balls that would reach the seats in other ballparks are caught for outs at the Coliseum. The distance to the backstop was initially 90 feet, but was reduced to 60 feet in 1969.

In September 1997, UMAX Technologies agreed to acquire the naming rights to the stadium. However, following a dispute, a court decision reinstated the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum name. In 1998, Network Associates agreed to pay $5.8 million over five years for the naming rights and the stadium became known as Network Associates Coliseum, or, alternately in marketing and media usage as, "the Net."

In 2003, Network Associates renewed the contract for an additional five years at a cost of $6 million. In mid-2004, Network Associates was renamed McAfee, restoring its name from before its 1997 merger with Network General, and the stadium was renamed McAfee Coliseum accordingly.

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