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Concert Venues :: Iowa Memorial Union, Main Lounge


Now Known As
Date Opened 1924
Venue Capacity 1,100
Venue URL
Venue Address 180 Iowa Memorial Union
Iowa City, IA 52242-1317

Venue Information

The 11,407 square-foot lounge seats up to 1,100 people. Built in 1925 as part of the original IMU structure, the lounge has hosted thousands of diverse events, including graduation ceremonies, distinguished lectures, banquets, weddings, and concerts.

Speakers who have appeared in the Main Lounge include Tom Brokaw, George H.W. Bush, Geraldine Ferraro, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Phyllis Schafly, Gloria Steinem, and Lech Walesa. The Main Lounge has featured performances ranging from the Count Basie Orchestra to REM.

"The Main Lounge has a distinctive character that you often don't find in large meeting spaces," said David Grady, associate vice president and director of University Life Centers. "The restoration of this historic university landmark will make it more inviting, functional and attractive. We look forward to creating more great memories inside the Main Lounge."

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