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Concert Venues :: Bremen Stadthalle


Now Known As AWD-Dome
Date Opened 1964
Venue Capacity 14,000
Venue URL
Venue Address Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz 1
27576 Bremerhaven

Venue Information

The AWD-Dome is the largest indoor arena in Bremen, Germany. It is used for concerts, sports, and trade fairs. It used to be called Stadthalle Bremen until the financial services provider Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst (AWD) bought the naming rights in January 2005. Contrary to what the new name suggest, the AWD-Dome is in fact not a dome. The name dome was probably chosen because an AWD-Arena already exists in Hanover. At the same time 50 Million were invested into the venue to modernize and expand it from 3,500 to 14,000 seats. The architect Thomas Klumpp led these renovations.

The Stadthalle Bremen was designed and built by the Austrian architect Roland Rainer in the years 1961 to 1964.

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