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Concert Venues :: Behan's Park West


Now Known As Inn On The Park
Date Opened 1931
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It was built to house Rowland's New York Circus in 1886, became a Skating Rink (under the aegis of the Jersey Commercial Association) in 1896 and doubled as a wet weather Concert Hall alternative to the Triangle Park, was rebuilt as a Ballroom in 1931 - which lasted until the 1960s - became a cabaret venue (in the summer) and live gig venue (in the winter) from the 1970s to the early 1990s and a rave disco in the mid 1990s until it closed down in 1996.

The building, West Park Pavilion and The Tin Shack before it, Behan's West Park and the Inn on the Park after it, has seen many changes over the years. Now it looks as if all of this is coming to an end in 1999 with developers having put in plans to put up a block of flats on the site.

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