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Concert Venues :: Denver Arena Auditorium


Now Known As Temple Hoyne Buell Theater
Date Opened 1908
Venue Capacity 12,500
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Denver's Auditorium Arena was an indoor arena in Denver, Colorado. Its building, constructed as the Denver Municipal Auditorium in 1908, was a multipurpose venue, the second largest in America to Madison Square Garden, which originally hosted the Democratic National Convention. Originally it was configured and equipped to hold numerous kinds of events including theater, opera, conventions, exhibitions, concerts, and more. Originally sporting events, including the games of the original NBA Denver Nuggets, were held on the venues large stage. In its initial configuration, the venue had a capacity of up to 12,500. Later, the southern half of the building was converted into the Auditorium Arena, a pure sporting venue with seating capacity of 6,841. It hosted the ABAs Denver Rockets, later Denver Nuggets, from 1967 until they left for McNichols Sports Arena in 1975. In the early 1990s the arena was remodeled into the Temple Hoyne Buell Theater.

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