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Concert Venues :: Kings Hall, Belle Vue Zoo Park


Now Known As
Date Opened
Demolished 1982
Venue Capacity 5,000
Venue URL
Venue Address Hyde Road

Venue Information

Belle Vue Zoological Gardens was a large zoo, amusement park, exhibition hall complex and speedway stadium located in Belle Vue, Gorton, Manchester, UK. The zoo existed between 1836 and was finally closed in August 1977. The site itself was finally demolished in 1986.

Belle Vue Zoo closed in August 1977. It was demolished in 1986.

The site is now a multiplex cinema, a housing estate, a fast food restaurant and a car auction house. There is nothing left of the original site.

Following the final closure of the park and the demolition of the Kings Hall, the Roberts Brothers staged a circus in 1982/83 in the Speedway Stadium. The following year they were back but this time they used the Exhibition Hall car park as their venue. In 1984/85 the Hoffman Circus pitched a tent on the Hyde Road car park. They came back in 1985/86 but this time used the Redgate Lane car park. This was the last of the circuses on the Belle Vue site.

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