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Concert Venues :: Osaka Festival Hall


Now Known As
Date Opened 1958
Venue Capacity 2,700
Venue URL
Venue Address 2-3-181 Nakanoshima

Venue Information

Festival Hall is a concert hall in Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. It is currently run by the Asahi Building Co., Ltd., a Japanese real estate company, and is housed in the Shin Asahi Building, an office complex.

Osaka Festival Hall was opened in 1958 especially for the first Osaka International Festival.The Hall seats 2,700 patrons and is home to the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Shin Asahi Building is currently planned to renovate to a skyscraper, which was announced in April 2007 by Asahi Shinbun Company, a group company include Asahi Building Co., Ltd. In that plan, the building is supposed to reconstruct from 2009, and the construction will complete in late 2010's. The Festival Hall is also supposed to be closed in the fall of 2008, and will be reconstructed to a new musical hall as same size as the current Festival Hall.

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