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Date Opened 1862
Venue Capacity 2,000
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Venue Address 2 Bedford Street

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The Ulster Hall is a concert hall and grade B1 listed building in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Situated on Bedford Street in Belfast City Centre, the hall stages concerts, classical recitals and political party's conferences.

Originally built in 1859, the hall's purpose was to give the expanding city of Belfast a multi-purpose venue of sufficient size. Designed by William J Barre, who is also responsible for the Albert Clock, the hall includes one of the oldest examples of a functioning classic English pipe organ. The Mulholland Grand Organ is named in honour of a former Lord Mayor of Belfast, Andrew Mulholland, who donated it to the hall. It was built by William Hill and extensively restored in the late 1970s, to Hill's own original design. Mullholland's great-grandson, Michael Henry Mulholland, 5th Baron Dunleath, oversaw the restoration.

The hall was long seen as being an exclusively unionist or loyalist. Lord Randolph Churchill called for opposition to Home Rule in the hall in 1886 and Ulster Resistance was launched there in 1986. However in 2002 Sinn Fein held a rally in the hall.

Until 2005, the adjoining smaller hall was used as the Group Theatre. Controversially, the theatre is to be converted into a bar in 2007. The conversion is part of a 7m refurbishment by architect and Everest mountaineer Dawson Stelfox. The hall's capacity is 2,000. Despite the opening of larger concert halls such as the Waterfront Hall and the Odyssey in the city, the Ulster Hall is still popular, seen to have much more atmosphere than the newer venues.

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