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Concert Venues :: Cleveland Public Auditorium


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Date Opened 1922
Venue Capacity 11,500
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Public Auditorium (sometimes called Public Hall) is located in the central business district of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Since it was opened in 1922, it has served as a concert hall, sports arena and convention center. Although it was planned and funded prior to World War I, construction did not begin until 1920. Designed city architect J. Harold McDowell and Frank Walker of Walker and Weeks in a neoclassical style matching the other Group Plan buildings, it was the largest of its kind when opened, seating 11,500. The building has seen several additions, including the 2,800-seat Music Hall in 1929, and an underground convention center in 1932 which was expanded in 1964. Public Auditorium has hosted many notable events, including the 1924 and 1936 Republican National Conventions, and the 1993 Cleveland Orchestra 75th anniversary concert. Greater Cleveland leaders are currently examining replacements for the aging convention center.

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