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Date Opened 1958
Demolished March 13, 1999
Venue Capacity 8,000
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The sports hall, built in 1958, was for decades the most significant event in Cologne hall at the fairgrounds in the right neighborhood Deutz.

This was in addition to sporting events like the six-day races or Boxkompfen many world-class concerts, such as the Rolling Stones, U2, Queen, or Tina Turner. . Even German rock greats like Udo Lindenberg, Can or Peter Maffay celebrated great successes here. Charities in this regard is the Cologne unmatched rock band BAP, which between 1984 and 1996 during various tours total of 23 times occurred. Even the carnival events under the slogan "Laughing Gymnasium" are considered legendary. Peter Alexander came here over 14 times before always ausverkaufter hall, and was rewarded by the city of Cologne honored with a prize.

With its capacity of up to 8,000 visitors was the Cologne Sports Hall of the most important German concert arenas. Bridge was built as a classic oval velodrome. The excessive cam pieces were firmly installed and the seating in the stands (wooden folding seats without seat cushion) firmly installed. Inside, the seating depending on the nature of the event by steel pipe stands and not firmly mounted rows varying length. Among the regular events for the skating Revue Holiday on Ice was an ice surface installed.

After the opening of the Cologne Arena in 1998, the Cologne Sporthalle by blast demolished. In the eyes of many Schaulustiger should morning at 07:00 am the Cologne sports hall collapsed in the fall. But they survived the first Sprengversuch outwardly quite prejudice. Only after the second blast in the late afternoon, she was finally history.

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