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Now Known As
Date Opened 1964
Venue Capacity 6,000
Venue URL
Venue Address 600 N Ashley Drive
Tampa, FL 33602

Venue Information

Curtis Hixon Hall was an indoor sports arena, convention center, and special events center built downtown beside the Hillsborough River in Tampa, Florida. It was built in 1964 and named for Curtis Hixon, the mayor of Tampa from 1943 until he died while still in office in 1956.

Curtis Hixon Hall held a maximum of about 6000-7000 people, though it could be modified to many different seating configurations as needed. The hall hosted the ABA's Floridians when they played in Tampa, and was also the 1st home of the University of South Florida's basketball teams.

The hall also served as the site for many concerts, as it was the primary Tampa venue for major touring performers of the late 1960s and 70s. The list of band who played Curtis Hixon Hall would read like an musical honor roll of that era. On one infamous occasion, Janis Joplin was arrested by the Tampa Police for "obscenity" while playing a show with B.B. King and others in the hall on November 16, 1969. Elvis Presley played Curtis Hixon Hall in 1977 just months before his death.

Curtis Hixon Hall was outdated by the 1980s, and was regulated to hosting smaller events such as high school graduations while most concerts shifted to places like newly-built USF Sun Dome, the classic Tampa Theater, or other venues in the area.

When the new and much bigger Tampa Convention Center was built and with plans for a new downtown sports arena in the works, it became obvious that Curtis Hixon Hall had outlived its usefullness. It was demolished in 1993, and a park of the same name now occupies the old site along the river.

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