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Concert Venues :: Circus Krone


Now Known As
Date Opened 1962
Venue Capacity 3,000
Venue URL
Venue Address Zirkus-Krone-Straße 1-6
D-80335 München

Venue Information

It was originally founded in 1905 by Carl Krone (1870-1943) as an animal exhibition. Later the circus was run by his daughter Frieda Sembach-Krone and her husband Carl Sembach-Krone. Since 1995 their daughter Christel Sembach-Krone has run the circus.

Since 1919, the circus has also owned the Circus Krone Building in Munich. On December 12, 1944, the building was destroyed by bombing attacks. In 1950 it was rebuilt as a circus building with a seating capacity of 3,000 spectators. Frieda Sembach crown and her man Carl Sembach created the circus directly after end of the war back on and brought it to new gloss. In 1949 the traveling circus went again on tour.

In a century, the Circus Krone Imperium became a world-wide recognized institution within the circus world. The outstanding success is based on the maxim "entrepreneur spirit, love of animals and absolute seriousness". This maxim has been maintained throughout the illustrious history of the family owned and operated, Circus Krone.

Carl Krone died in 1943. He did not experience the total destruction of the Circus Krone Building, a destruction caused by aerial bombardment. Humans and animals were evacuated to the Krone Stud Farm in Wessling.

Christel Sembach Krone directs the fate of the family owned and operated Circus Krone after the death of her father (Carl Sembach, died on Jan. 18,1984) and her mother (Frieda Sembach-Krone, died on November 2, 1995). Circus Krone is now under the leadership of the family for the fourth generation.

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