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Date June 2, 2008
Location Roanoke, Virginia
Venue Roanoke Civic Center
Start Time 7:30PM
Attendance 4,000
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01. Rich Woman
2. Leave My Woman Alone
3. Black Dog
4. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us
5. Through The Morning, Through The Night
6. Goodbye So Long
7. Fortune Teller
8. In The Mood / Black Country Woman / In The Mood
9. Hey Hey What Can I Do
10. Shut It Tight
11. Bon Temps Roule
12. Trampled Rose
13. Green Pastures
14. Down To The River To Pray
15. Killing The Blues
16. Nothin' / Who Do You Love / Nothin'
17. Battle Of Evermore
18. Please Read The Letter
19. Gone Gone Gone
20. You Don't Knock
21. One Woman Man


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