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Date July 5, 2006
Location Cork, Ireland
Venue The Marquee
Start Time
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1. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
2. Tin Pan Valley
3. Black Dog
4. Let The Four Winds Blow
5. Going To California
6. 29 Palms
7. Four Sticks
8. Freedom Fries
9. Gallows Pole
10. The Enchanter
11. Whole Lotta Love


Support from The Bees.

Concert Memories

The show was in a massive circus big top tent.
It was a hot sticky night outside but it was hotter and stickier inside.the support band was The Bees.I am not that familioar with them but they are Irish and went down well.
The crowd were one of the nosiest and enthuasiastic I have seen at a Plant show and they gave the band a massive welcome and they responded in kind and put on a great show and Robert was smiling a lot at the reaction of the crowd.
They kicke doff with Win my train fare home and we had it was a really good show and dspite the heat and the deafening sceaches and screams from the junior school outing standing next and behind me doing their best to rupture my left eardrum and would you believe pogoing.
It was another excellent performance.
One bonus for this old man was that i spotted a bearded white haired man behind the amps watching intently, he then moved to the stage right area taking pictures. it was Roy Harper. I was hoping Robert would introduce him but it wasnt to be.
So all in all a great show, great crowd and a really nice trip over to Ireland.

by paulzep1



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