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Date April 5, 2006
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venue Heineken Music Hall
Start Time
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1. Shine It All Around
2. Freedom Fries
3. 7 And 7 Is
4. Black Dog
5. Going To California
6. Friends
7. Another Tribe
8. Calling To You
9. Four Sticks
10. Tin Pan Valley
11. When The Levee Breaks
12. The Enchanter
13. Whole Lotta Love


Support from Orange Blossom.

Concert Memories

Hello from one of Amsterdams little internet cafes.
An easy train ride from Brussels to Amsterdam and a lititle bit of window shopping in the afternoon before the show.
The henekin concert hall is way out of the city centre but an easy metro ride ther eand back. Its much bigger than the venues I have been so far and is a big faceless hall really near to the Ajax stadium. Not a very attractive set of buildings aroiund there remineded me ogf Milton Keynes, that says a lot for those in the UK who know that place. I guess it held 4000. The stage was over 6 feet off the ground and i got a stiff neck looking up. it was ground floor for me last night, a great vantage point and its better there for feeling the atmosphere than up on any balcony.
Another great set from Orange Blossom,
The atmosphere and the welcome tonight felt different and Robert seemed more up for it, and played with the crowd more and looked like he was enjoying the show more himself.
The energy from the band seemed higher also. Maybe its a subjective thing being on the main floor.
I enjoyed this set more perhaps for this reason.
Plus I was squeezed next to some very attractive Dutch women. Always a better feeling for me.
No 29 Palms tonight but Calling to you still there, nice. When the levee breaks was back and this is just wonderful live. It was one of my faves from last years tour.
A great finish again with WLL and then it was a quick dash to get the metro back, I didn't want to be stranded out there that late.
So today is walking the streets and shops and then a few drinks tonight and then up early tomorrow for the flight home.
Perhaps a coffee shop later,coffee and cake.
I wonder if macdonalds do hashish browns with their burgers here?
Its been a great few days, nice to do a bit of europe for some gigs.
So I think he should come back to the UK later in the year and round off with 10 nights at my local venure.
I will post some pics when I return home.and perhaps then someone will have posted the full setlists.

by PaulZep



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