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Date April 4, 2006
Location Brussels, Belgium
Venue Ancienne Belgique
Start Time
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1. Freedom Fries
2. 7 And 7 Is
3. Black Dog
4. Going To California
5. 29 Palms
6. Another Tribe
7. Calling To You
8. Four Sticks
9. Tin Pan Valley
10. Gallows Pole
11. The Enchanter
12. Whole Lotta Love


Support from Orange Blossom.

Concert Memories

The Ancienne Belgique is a smallish venue and i did initially worry that the sound wouldn't be too good given the walls and ceiling set up. But not to worry. Firstly the support band Orange Blossom were excellent, a fusion of dance backings with north african tunes. They were really good and I recommend them.
I always forget the setlists but Freedom Fries kicked off followed by Seven and seven is then Black Dog and we got Going to California, Calling to you, 29 Palms,The Enchanter and of course Whole Lotta Love to finish.
I had a balcony standpoint this time just to watch the show without being trampled.
I am not sure if Robert was in a good mood but he seemed a little too laid back tonight but still did what he does better than anyone out there.
I loved the rearranged version of 29 Palms, really slowed down, deeper in feeling and meaning and had hints of Heart in your hands from Walking into Clarkesdale. Calling to You was excellent too.
No other new songs in the set, it is shorter than last years set and followed similar setlistings. I would like more variation but I am not complaining at all.
One thing I felt and it just may have been me being up in the balcony but I wasn't sure the band were as enthusiastic. Maybe they dont like the Belgians. The crowd loved it.
And last night i went to see how the Dutch react.




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