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Date March 12, 2006
Location Neumarkt, Germany
Venue Grosse Jurahalle
Start Time
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1. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)
2. Freedom Fries
3. Black Dog
4. 7 And 7 Is
5. Let The Four Winds Blow
6. Going To California
7. Another Tribe
8. Shine It All Around
9. Tin Pan Valley
10. Calling To You
11. When The Levee Breaks
12. The Enchanter
13. Whole Lotta Love


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Olympionike of LED Zeppelin loves that sound Pan

Robert plans leaves with concert in new market the old fans helpless

By Lothar R?hrl, MZ
NEW MARKET. It rose from the skirt Olymp down, when it law-resounds a concert in the large one in new market gave: Robert plans. And somehow it seemed after the fact that it would probably have remained better up there. A very passables "Going ton California "- that was the only voucher for the fact that plans once a group named LED Zeppelin as their charismatischer singer to unsterblichem fame and thus into the skirt Olymp led. Otherwise' s was very terrestrial, which the Heroe from once offered. At least in the eyes skirt fan, that plans Zeppelin on Sunday evenly on its past with LED measured. The start into a strange concert with approximately 1000 listeners went beside it: The Vorband "orange blossom "tried 30 minutes long in Psychodelic skirt. The monotonous sound mash became only insignificantly spicier by two solistische points of gloss (violin, Percussion).
To the few positive surprises with 89 minutes (inclusive additions) of the main concert turned out very clearly the two guitarists Justin Adam and Skin Tyson belonged. Both repeated live, what they had already suggested on Plants with outstanding criticisms of mindful new disk ?to Mighty Rearranger ?. An album, which offers a befriending of sound innovations a rich find pit. This work made in the Studio is an answer to the usually unimaginative, because too much on uncouplable hits disks put on of some young Rocker.
For purists - thus the friends of the LED Zep sound of the 70's - this evening was not however under any circumstances suitable in new market. Who had expected a branch-clean-puristic "Whole Lotta Love ", bitterly one disappointed. Plans proved thereby as sound Pan. Therefore `s was perhaps nevertheless completely good that he on "Stairway ton heaven ", "immigrant Song "or "Black Dog "- further LED Zeppelin immortalities - did without.
Otherwise everything as usual in former times: Enormously mobile feature at the microphone to sing the incomparable-spherical kind - at least in these optical-acoustic fundamentals was Robert plans again to recognize.
Who plans however because of one came, which contributed once to LED of Zeppelins meaning for the skirt music so enormously, from meanwhile 57 years old master rather helpless home one sent. One from the noble guitar skirt time, which enormously much electronic sound Schnickschnack offers: That was plans over far distances. Because the whole was to a large extent very poorly expenditure-mixed, applied at the end: Afterwards at home the new CD and as contrast of pieces of the strong live BestMixed "How the west which won "from LED Zeppelin from the year 2003 listen to - live-concert helped 42 euro, away after the concert at the earliest over the disappointment of an expensive acoustic dispatching, called.

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