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Date November 18, 1988
Location Norman, Oklahoma
Venue Lloyd Noble Center
Start Time
Attendance 10,000
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Support from Oklahoma City band Legacy.

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Plant Belts Out Spirited Tunes To Appreciative, Rockin' Crowd

By Chuck Davis

NORMAN - Let's set the record straight right now:

Robert Plant makes good on his promises.

He said he would return to Oklahoma, and he did.

If you remember, Plant's concert last month was postponed at the last minute because of an injury to drummer Chris Blackwell.

At the time, Plant vowed to return.

So, when Friday night rolled around and Plant was in place at Lloyd Noble Center, some 10,000 folks were ready.

The wait was worth it.

Plant gave the crowd his all, playing a spirited, 17-song set that lasted almost two hours.

Opening act Legacy, an Oklahoma City band that was a late replacement for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, disappointed no one. Legacy's six-song, 33-minute show set the tone for the dynamite show that was to follow.

As for Plant, he put together a tight, well executed set. From classic Lep Zeppelin tunes (""Goin' to California,'' ""Heartbreaker,'' ""Immigrant Song'') to current Plant solo hits (""Dance on My Own,'' ""In the Mood,'' ""Ship of Fools,'' ""Heaven Knows,'' ""Tall Cool One''), he kept fans dancing in the aisles.

Plant has had a long career in rock music. His latest album, Now and Zen, provided the material for about one-third of Friday's show.

Guitarist Doug Boyle, bass player Charlie Jones, drummer-percussionist Blackwell and keyboard player Phil Johnstone have been joined by fill-in drummer Pat Torpey to produce one of the best sounds in rock 'n' roll today.

In fact, Plant was called back for not one, but two, encores.

The first time back, he dazzled the crowd with "Big Log'' and an old Led Zep tune.

The second time back, he finished with Led Zeppelin's "Communication Breakdown.''

The next concert that hits town will be hard-pressed to top this one.

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