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Date June 13, 1969
Location Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Venue Birmingham Town Hall
Start Time 7:30PM
Ticket Prices 10/6


Robert Plant - vocals
Jimmy Page - guitar
John Paul Jones - bass
John Bonham - drums


1. Train Kept a Rollin'
2. I Can't Quit You Baby
3. Dazed and Confused
4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
6. You Shook Me
7. How Many More Times


Support from Liverpool Scene and Blodwyn Pig.

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Zeppelin Fly High
According to the ads, the only way to fly is by Led Zeppelin. On Friday night at Birmingham Town Hall, at the start of a five date tour, the group certainly took off all right. The passengers were Bloodwyn Pig, the Liverpool Scene and a full house.

An almighty wall of sound and a huge crashing of drums signaled the start of the group?s act which eventually overran by quite some time.

Jimmy Page wore his guitar at hip level, crouching over it and occasionally walking about a la Keith Richard.

John Paul Jones held his side and fired long bursts of heavy bass lines. Robert Plant stretched, reached out and leaned as he belted out and literally screamed the vocals.

Barefoot Robert squeezed all sorts of notes out of Dazed and Confused from the first album and Jimmy played partly with a bow to get a weird bouncing effect.

Joan Baez?s Babe I?m Gonna Leave You was followed by Jimmy?s solo White Summer, for which he sat down and proved his virtuosity.

The last number, How Many More Times, was received wildly and at the end the audience rose as one and cheered and clapped for moments.
(NME, R. Green, June ?69)

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