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Concert Dates :: John Paul Jones


Date May 31, 2012
Location London, England
Venue The Village Underground
Start Time 7:30PM
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Howe Gelb - guitar, vocals
KT Tunstall - piano
John Paul Jones - mandolin, lap steel guitar



Concert Memories

What you will play along with John Paul Jones tonight? " I really do not know ... " she says Howe Gelb , the man behind the Giant Sand , a few hours before the show. With him you never know where it will end a live concert. Typically called a surprise friends musicians sitting in the audience (see John Parish, who found himself without his knowledge to the battery through the show at Union Chapel of months ago). This time, at least, has warned the bassist of Led Zeppelin a few days before. No proof, of course. " After all, the music is nothing but sit and evolve, otherwise you're just copying something or someone, either yourself, too " . (How I wish these words rimbombassero gorgheggiatori in the skull of all of the talent show that they believe making music and instead participate only in competitive freediving voice).?? At the Village Underground in Shoreditch, Howe Gelb, set starts alone with his guitar, showing excerpts of the new country by Giant Sand Giant , Tucson. "I prefer to call it an opera pastiche: art at the time of recession," he specifies. Call it what you will but it remains one of the best albums of 2012 (the second Giant is not a typo but it indicates that the band has expanded to other members of the Tucson sound). From the first notes of the opening Wind Blew Waltz, Gelb likes to make things more complicated: it slows down, runs, reprimands. Then he puts the word games of the new Detained and beautiful ballads to the floor. But Gelb, aka King dell'aternative country, is also a great Hooch and there have been moments where they break pedals and cables while they fry him in cabaret-style, shoot irresistible beats, creating chaos on the stage and sends stupid engineers of the sound. Whether located in a small club or at the Barbican (where he often sounds), nothing changes for him: the concert should be an adventure without a net. With this spirit in the second part of the show called John Paul Jones , fitted with a mandolin and lap steel. Gelb chooses from his endless repertoire ( Four Door Maverick, Paradise Here abouts , Loving Cup, Stedfast) and distorts every song on the guitar. Jones looks at him, behind him, at times seems confused but when intertwined with a multitude of notes perfectly in the empty spaces of tunes by Gelb, offers moments of splendor. Not that it's easy to accompany songs that do not follow the obvious formula "verse and chorus." To make it even more charming by the voice of the charismatic killer Gelb, between song and speech, intense and damn charming. In the final stage, called on her friend, KT Tunstall , an unlikely trio. They greet us with Out of The Blue 's Band (also included in Tucson ) and dedicated to the great Levon Helm (always be praised), who died last April. " Out of this world, this out of mind ": it takes us exactly where every time the music of Howe ...
Chiara Meattelli



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