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Date November 14, 2011
Location Mannheim, Germany
Venue Alte Feuerwache
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Helge Sten
John Paul Jones



Concert Memories

With experimental electronic music, performed with iPad, laptops, guitars, bass and synths from the duo Minibus Pimps went on Monday evening of the first SPOT Festival at Enjoy Jazz at the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim on the stage. In the run had John Paul Jones (ex-Led Zeppelin bassist and now a duo Minibus Pimps with Helge Sten as a guest) said about his performance: "You will not sleep," Sleep was not really thinking. Huge sound, partially removed, reminiscent of construction noise sequences provided the creeps, especially the sometimes hypnotic flashing light installations supported the psychedelic effect of the music yet. Helge Sten on guitars and rock star John Paul Jones on bass and violin were unaware of their virtuosity, but also experimented wildly with the sounds, which left a lasting impression. The bass was so heavy and the light pulsing faster and faster, so I am lulled by the sounds and lights, sat back and felt reminiscent of futuristic nightmare worlds.

The Norwegian sound artist Erik Honoré sampelte in the second half of the evening in the studio of the old fire station sound fragments of Minibus Pimps and created together with the jazz singer Sidsel Erendsen interesting soundscapes.

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