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Date February 23, 2006
Location Seattle, Washington
Venue W Hotel, Great Rooms
Start Time 7:00PM
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Kristin Andreassen - guitar, fiddle
Rayna Gellert - fiddle
KC Groves - mandolin, guitar
John Paul Jones - mandolin
Erin Youngberg - upright bass
Abigail Washburn - banjo



JPJ joined Uncle Earl on mandolin at the reception for the Integrated Media Association Conference.

Concert Memories

Once a year, we get together with our brethren in new media to discuss current trends and gaze into our collective crystal balls seeking the truth about the future of the Web. To celebrate the kick-off of the Integrated Media Association Conference, Folk Alley hosted the opening reception last night, complete with concert performances by Uncle Earl, Mike Marshall & Hamilton de Holanda, Sonya Kitchell and Garland Jeffreys. And, surprisingly, Led Zepplin guitarist John Paul Jones, who is producing the next Uncle Earl album. Al sent back pictures for proof. I hope many of you were able to tune in and listen on-demand, it was a great show. And a needed break for the tech-heads amongst us. -Ann VerWiebe -



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