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Date July 31, 2004
Location Los Angeles, California
Venue Roxy Theatre
Start Time
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Glen Phillips - vocals
Sean Watkins - guitar
Chris Thile - mandolin
John Paul Jones - mandolin
Sara Watkins - fiddle
Pete Thomas - drums


1. Sake Of The World
2. Caleb Meyer
3. Windmills
4. Smoothie Song
5. Son of Sam
6. La Lune
7. Somewhere Out There
8. This Side
9. All I Want
10. Anthony
11. Going to California
12. True
13. I Believe She's Lying
14. Nowhere
15. Trouble
16. Ode to a Butterfly
17. Dam Would Break
18. Reasons Why
19. Taxman
20. Comes a Time
21. Think About Your Troubles
22. The Fox
23. She
24. Gallows Pole
25. You Don't Have To Move That Mountain


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