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Date September 14, 1974
Location London, England
Venue Quaglino's Restaurant
Start Time
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1. Vampire Blues
2. On The Beach


from London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945:

Less than a year later Neil was back in town, this time with his superstar buddies Crosby, Stills and Nash to close out their mega 1974 US stadium door (the infamous 'doom tour') with a one-off gig at Wembley Stadium of all places. Labelled as the UK's 'gig of the year' and described by many who were there as unforgettable, it received massive coverage in the UK musical press and attracted a crowd of over 72,000. The CSNY performance was filmed in its entirety and remarkably good quality bootlegs have surfaced in recent years. Well worth tracking down.

Much later that same day the musicians turned up at a post-gig party in Quaglino's. This most famous of London's society restaurants had been opened by Giovanni Quaglino in the 1930s. It eventually closed in the 1980s and was subsequently rebuilt in 1993 by Terence Conran on the same location (16 Bury Street, St James's Place). This after show is worthy of special note because both Stills and Young got up on stage and jammed along firstly with members of The Band, and then later with Jimmy Page and John Bonham, when Neil even sang 'vampire Blues' and 'On The Beach'. Legendary rock photographer and friend to the NYAS Joe Stevens was there and caught this image of Neil onstage with Stills, Nash and Jimmy Page.

In his 2010 book Apathy for the Devil (A 1970's Memoir) Nick Kent, one of only a few writers on popular music who can really claim to have led a rock'n'roll lifestyle, memorably wrote about this party:

"It was just a pissed-up brag, but both Jimmy Page and John Bonham volunteered and played a memorable ten minute jam, with Young still firmly at the helm."

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